Tuesday, November 24

Pottery Shop Now Open Online

See that new green button that says "Pottery Shop" over there on the right hand side of the page? Give it a click, see where it takes you, have a little look around and then come back here when you're done.

I'm jumping in, holding my breath, and trying something new.

For 14 years, I've participated in group and solo shows, craft fairs and pottery sales. What I've never done is put my work out there for purchase online. I've had the good fortune to know the majority of my customers over the years and have enjoyed sharing the inspiration for my work with them. I love that aspect of this little business of mine! Online selling is crossing a comfort boundary, one where the buyer is invisible to me. Will I meet the same kind of people this way? I am hesitant to find out. What I don't want to lose is the personal aspect of this endeavor. After all, if it has been anything up to this point, it has been personal.

To get me started, I've opened up about a third of my work and shared it online. There is more to post, including the newest, "Heart of Pluto" which I began in the summer, and my deeply rooted "Skye", created in 2009 and still going strong. I'll continue to add to the store and plan to have it all there as soon as possible.

The next little while will be a bit of a learning curve, so bear with me. The store is set-up using my e-commerce platform, which is SQUARE. At the moment, SQUARE tells me that direct purchasing from the site is only accessible to those who live in the US. The rest of the world will see "Available In-store". If this is the case for you, please email me and I will personally process your order for you. You see, I AM "The Store" and all of the items in it are here in my studio. For all purchases, SQUARE supports VISA, AMEX and MC which I can process for you as required. Shipping charges will be calculated and added once your full order has been compiled.

Just in time for Christmas, my online shop is now open!

With thanks in advance for your support,


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