Tuesday, January 27

Ottawa Guild of Potters Sale

In the photo you can see dinner plates, soup bowls, serving bowls and decorative bowls, platters and a jug (or decanter). I'll post something with more detail soon.

Monday, January 26

Inspirational Heather

Ok. Now I'm starting to understand how to add photos (can you tell). These are the Ochil Hills and the heather growing at the top of them. I had a wonderful day visiting Tillicoultry back in 2006. I was on my own for the day and took a bus from St Andrew's to Tilly. Lovely ride - nothing but darling villages, puffy sheep and thoughts of my beloved grandfather who came from this place. I walked up the hills that day and sat at the top, looking out over his village and imagining what it must have been like to live here and move to Manitoba with his family as a boy in 1920. I wish he and grandma were still here to share that experience...

Over the Sea to Skye

This is the Skye Bridge, Loch Alsh is the waterway running beneath it. The hills in the background are the Cuillin Hills which serve as the inspiration for the platters I produce. Although it was a cloudy day when we arrived on Skye, the rest of our visit was very uncharacterisically clear and sunny!