Tuesday, May 3

I Love Mugs

More photos of the new mugs. They don't have gold lustre on them as that makes them impractical for use in the microwave.

Trust me...I tested it. Gold gets hot in the microwave....;)

Wee Nettie

This little plate is in memory of Wee Nettie, my Grandpa Robertson's baby sister who died in Tillicoultry, Scotland in 1918 at the age of 2. When I went to Scotland in 2009, I took a plaque to lay at her grave. The heather and thistle that I used to make that plaque are the same ones I used to make this plate. The image speaks for itself I think. If only she had lived and come to Canada...if only we could all have met her....

A Touch of Gold

After 4 months of dreaming, these beautiful pots have finally come to be! The first round of pots were lovely. I was completely happy with them as they were...well, almost. The influence of Gustav Klimt's paintings had to be realized somehow. I waited for just the right element - gold! The dream was truly complete after that! I love these pots!!!!

Tuesday, March 1

New Summerfruit Mug Debut

Here it is - the New Summerfruit Mug! It's cute, chubby and comfortable to hold, thanks to Tony Clennell. Influence comes from everywhere. He encouraged us to take from him and make it our own. Well, that's what I did!
The next mugs will be bigger. I myself like a large cup of tea, so this pint-sized little mug is fine for something small like the days when I have to have a cuppa but don't have time to sit and enjoy a tall cuppa!

Sunday, January 9

Welcome to the Family!

It's here - the newest member of the "Skye" family! "New Summerfruits" has been an idea in development for sometime now. I'm happy to finally be able to say that I will be pursuing more work with this pattern. The green and purple come from the Skye line of pots, so the finish and colours of New Summerfruits blends perfectly. Happy day!!