Sunday, April 26

Taking Pictures

Just wanted to leave a note for all of you who are looking through the pictures on my blog. I spent time adding photos today and realized that just about every picture of my work is on a different background! Sometimes the images are easy to view and sometimes they are not. I'll have to work on that so please be patient with me!

Monday, April 20

Something Old, Something New

I decided I would re-visit a design I had created a few years back. I've been looking for something to compliment the Skye line. This is one I found when I was going through my studio and doing some rearranging. It is a creamy background with a sea foam green brushed interior. The colour was inspired by my grandmother's wedding gown. She and Grandpa were married in Winnipeg in the 30's. Her sister, at the time a buyer for an upscale market much like Holt Renfrew, found her wedding gown when she was on a purchasing trip to New York City. It was sea foam green chiffon, multi-tiered, with a large picture hat. With Grandma's red hair and jade jewellery, she must have looked stunning! She was the "Dean of Winnipeg Models." I love her and miss her and wish she were here so that I could share it with her...