Friday, September 3

A Dream Realized, Beautifully

In 2006 and again in 2009, I visited Ireland and Scotland, as you may know. As part of my journey, I collected sea glass near the Cliffs of Moher, the coast of Northern Ireland, the shores near Turnberry and, perhaps most importantly, the shoreline by Gourock and Greenock. The last location was perhaps the most important because that was what my Grandpa Robertson would have last set his eyes on as he sailed away from his homeland as a boy of 12.

Beachcombing was time spent with Jim and with Katie, talking about nothing in particular but taking in the sights, sounds and smells of the ocean in those magical places. In Scotland, Katie and I sat at the shore at a place called "David's" with a cup of soup and bun between us, looking out over Ailsa Craig and watching the seagulls float along on the wind. Magical.

It has always been my dream to find a way turn these special little gifts of the sea into jewelry, but until this summer I really didn't have a way. Then I met Kath Brewster at Art in Strathcona Park. Check out her blog at . Her "Journey Bracelets" and "Journey Pendants" struck a chord with me and with my dream. For the past couple of weeks, we've chatted, met and exchanged the history behind my request, that she create for me a bracelet of my homeland journey.

In addition to the bracelet, Kath made me a pendant with two other very special pieces of beach glass - rare purple glass from The Sandbanks on Lake Ontario, and from Baskin's Beach, which is near our home. She added one piece of green sea glass from the Ireland/Scotland trip and to both pieces she added purple and green fluorite and natural aquamarine, my birthstone.

There really are no words to adequately express my joy at the work Kath has done for me! I remain enthralled with the tinkling sound the bracelet makes and get all choked up just thinking about the incredible story this jewelry has, simply because it was all once lost and tossed by the sea in places and times when my life intersected it's path. It is truly remarkable and utterly priceless.

Thanks Kath for doing what you do and for realizing my dream so beautifully - I will treasure these pieces forever.