Sunday, November 23

100 Cups

This link 100 Cups will take you to a Dropbox folder contain all 100 images of the cups produced this fall. You can also see them in the video above. While I am most proud of the final pots, they all have something special about them, one way or another. Enjoy!

When they're beautiful, they're beautiful!

I can't really say anything that would add to the joy that comes with making something so lovely, so perfect, so fully an expression of the inspiration surrounding me. I am grateful to the potters who have set a high standard of creativity and craftsmanship that guides me on my path. While nothing is ever really new in this craft, we are, all of us, an amalgamation of the potters who go before us. They inspire our thoughts, guide our quest for skills and challenge us to reach new heights. These lovely pots make me feel like I've finally stepped on the first rung of that ladder.

Friday, November 21

A Very Special Gift

It's wonderful to be able to give back to someone. All the more special that the someone is one you admire, have been inspired by, and who continues to feed your desire to create. I had a moment like that today. The work I've been creating this fall contains a glaze combination I created to reflect the shore, that beautiful place where the lake or the sea or the ocean breathes in and out. It is soporific, renewing and grounding. I have a feeling this wonderful woman loves the inspiration for this work as much as I do. Happy, happy day!


Inspiration. Where do you find it? It has occurred to me, as I work away on my offerings for the OGP holiday Sale, that just about every collection of work that I've put together for our Guild sales has been a mini exhibition. Inspiration comes from so many different places and seems to be the thing that drives me. This coming holiday sale is no exception. My inspiration, my muse, is the thing I collect: mugs. The humble, utilitarian drinking vessel that contains so much personal information and has the power to influence the enjoyment of that cup of tea or cuppa joe for the day is the focus of my work. You know that saying, "Who are you wearing?" Well, in my house, the phrase is, "Who do you want to drink out of today?" Sounds gross but you know what I mean! A few years ago, members of the Guild were asked if they have commercial dishes or potter-made dishes. Anyone who comes to my house will tell you that every mug in my cupboard (the count of which has just exceeded 50) is uniquely made. I'm happy to know all the makers of these beautiful pieces of art.For as many different possibilities as there are in the shape, size, colour, and function of mugs/cups/tumblers, that is the challenge I've given myself as I dream, create and, ultimately, finish the pieces for the sale. There is still much to be done but the collection is beginning to take shape. I look forward to presenting this mini exhibition at the a The Ottawa Guild of Potters Fall Holiday Sale, November 28-30 in the Horticulture Building at Lansdowne Park. See you there!

Choices, Choices

I'm so bad at keeping up with this blog. (Sigh) Life is full of choices though, right? So, let me set to rights the fact that my work has been a series of changes since last year. First, I finally took time for me and decided to take a workshop on sculptures! It was given by the wonderful Susan Halls ( and was a whole new world for me. I'd never done sculptural work because I couldn't think of an intelligent approach to it. Susan opened the door to a technique that fueled the fire of imagination and I was off. What came from that wonderful workshop was a line of angels, some of which you see here. Creating the body shapes, having fun with the wings...even working on "angel appropriate" faces lead to some very happy work.