Wednesday, October 28

Pot Smash Fall 2015

As potters, we always have pieces that served a purpose at one time but that ultimately need to be let go of, one way or another. Perhaps it's work that failed miserably. Perhaps it's a piece that taught a valuable lesson in throwing (heavy bottoms), trimming (right through!) or decorating (too many prints). Whatever the reason, these are all things that I prefer to destroy rather than put out for public consumption. My name or stamp is invariably on these pieces somewhere and I'd just prefer that they never see the light of day. The pit is located on our property in Dunrobin, though the photo looks like it is in some wooded area in an unknown forest. For years I've been dumping my clay water there as well. In fact, digging the pit revealed strata of different colours of clay that I've used. That was pretty cool. Maybe one day someone will discover the pit and image who put the shards there and why. Maybe they'll find my stamp or signature and look me up. If they do, and if this blog is still discoverable, whenever that day comes, then cheers to you for making the connection!! Now you know what you've found and why on earth it was put there!

What came from the earth is now returned to the earth. As it should be.

The Heart of Pluto

Inspired by the images sent back to earth
by the New Horizons Spacecraft, this line 
of pots is perhaps the gentlest work I've 
ever done. 

Heart of Pluto Family
Pluto, from the New Horizons Space Mission

Tall Cup, Tea Bowl, Short Cup