Monday, July 15

Greenware Porn, Part Deux

Post script: The finished work. It was glazed to reflect the fact that water is a big part of the lives of the two who received these pieces - my nephew and his wife! I am calling this design, "Water's 

Greenware Porn

I've always loved the purity of unglazed pots. You might call it "Greenware Porn" in the same way that people who love libraries post pictures of beautiful spaces filled with exotic books resting on rich mahogany shelves steeped in the history of some ancient royal family. Says a lot for them and their penchant for knowledge. Not quite the same for me though. It's just the quietness and perfection of not yet tainted pots that makes me happy. I can't seem to post any pics at the moment, but if you'd like to take a look at what I've made recently (still in its pristine greenware state), head over to my Facebook page for a peek. ;)