Monday, April 20

Something Old, Something New

I decided I would re-visit a design I had created a few years back. I've been looking for something to compliment the Skye line. This is one I found when I was going through my studio and doing some rearranging. It is a creamy background with a sea foam green brushed interior. The colour was inspired by my grandmother's wedding gown. She and Grandpa were married in Winnipeg in the 30's. Her sister, at the time a buyer for an upscale market much like Holt Renfrew, found her wedding gown when she was on a purchasing trip to New York City. It was sea foam green chiffon, multi-tiered, with a large picture hat. With Grandma's red hair and jade jewellery, she must have looked stunning! She was the "Dean of Winnipeg Models." I love her and miss her and wish she were here so that I could share it with her...

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