Friday, March 27


They're finally done! I've been dreaming of these little teapots now for quite some time. I wanted to make small ones, individual sized teapots, the kind used by one person. The shape came from all the other pieces in the collection. But the part that just was the 'icing on the cake' was the knob. A little thistle! Perfect!

These little jems will debut at the Ottawa Guild of Potters Spring Sale in April this year. I can't wait to hear the reactions, reflections, ideas, etc.

Teapots are quite the tour de force I soon discovered. Our Guild is puting on an exhibition in Toronto at The Ontario Crafts Council Gallery, the title of shich is "Symphony". To me, these teapots are my symphony. They required all the skills I've developed so far. I am thrilled with the collection of 8 that made it through all of my checkpoints.

When I make them again, I may make bigger teapots. These ones hold about 1 1/2 cups of tea, enough for a cup and a refill! I hope my loyal customers like them!

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