Wednesday, August 26

Roslyn Chapel and The Giant's Causeway

Just two of the places we visited - one in Scotland and one in Ireland. On our second day in Scotland, Katie and I travelled cross country to Roslyn Chapel. What an amazing and beautiful place! It is literally the Bible in stone. So many carvings to see and such history - we aren't that old here in Canada! We spent 4 hours there and then went to the Original Roslin Inn (the old spelling) for lunch. Apparently Robbie Burns, the poet of Scotland, ate there and carved his poems in the soft metal (pewter?) plates! When we went to Ireland, one of our stops was at the Giant's Causeway on the Antrim Coast. The causeway is made of hexagonal basalt columns that have been terraced over time such that you can walk along them. That's me at the bottom! Katie is much quicker - ah youth!

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